The Bunk House

Our 3-room, 2-bath Bunk House comfortably sleeps 6 adults and is fully furnished with bunk beds, desks, chairs, lamps and steel lockers. 2 well-lit privacy bathrooms offer toilets, showers and sinks plumbed and ready for use. Solid security doors, with locks, provide entry/ exit at 3 convenience points. Completely wired with a 110/220 volt electrical system, The Bunk House is powered for light fixtures, wall receptacles, phone/ internet hookup. Easily add A/C to any of the 3 sets of swing out enclosures, or just open any of the quality glass windows. Other features include 2" rigid insulated finished walls and ceiling, finished linoleum/vinyl floor and much more!

Standard Features

  • Three (3) double bunk beds with six (6) mattresses
  • Three (3) sets of double standing steel lockers
  • Three (3) entrance doors with locks and keys
  • Three (3) sinks with plumbing
  • Three (3) sets of swing out enclosures for window A/C units
  • Two (2) bathrooms, each with toilet, shower, plumbing
  • AC electrical system, which includes breaker panel, fluorescent light fixtures, wall receptacles, wiring, etc.
  • Telephone and internet connections (wiring, telephone jacks)
  • 2” rigid insulated finished walls and ceiling
  • Three (3) vertical sliding, 5 mm thick, windows, which feature screens and removable metal window shutters
  • Finished linoleum/vinyl floor
  • Two (2) ventilation fans with on/off switches
  • 10 year structural warranty
  • Great resistance to natural disasters, including resistance to winds up to 100 mph (175 mph with anchoring)
Bunk House Floor Plan